You see them all over Hong Kong. The vehicles larger than a taxi and smaller than a bus. Yellow with only the roofs colored in either green or red--- perfect for Christmas. Minibuses are a part of Hong Kong people’s daily lives. They’ve been around before the age of MTRs and private cars. Minibuses are also a part of my own life. Going to school, going for tutorial classes, going around to different places in my area… To me, minibuses are just as memorable as the Trams in Hong Kong.

Every time I board a bus, I always walk towards the end of the bus. I loved sitting in the last single seat. I remember when I was a little younger, I used to hide a bottle of milk and a piece of bread in my bag. I was lazy back then and had a liking to sleeping in, I never had enough time to finish my breakfast at home. I hid in the back seat, away from the peering eye of the driver, enjoying my breakfast.

Those were the good old days :)

root for beer


Watermelons. Mom came into my room with a plate of them. I was sitting where I am now. My headphones over my ears, eyes staring blankly at the computer screen, my fingers frantically tapping against the keyboard. I seem to forget about the change of seasons once I snuggle in a cushioned chair, in a room that is twenty-four seven cooled by the A/C. It was that little action my mom did that reminded me that Summer was finally upon us. Those three huge slices of watermelon sat on their white plates tempting me with their deliciously red juice. Slowly I picked up a piece, biting into the crunchy fruit. The flavor was impeccable. It was so sweet, so cold…


I choked.


True story. I choked on watermelon seeds. As a 14 year old, I fail.


Catching a summer star

It’s been a while since I updated on this journal :)

I was going to continue ranting on about Macedonia… But I’ve been busy for the last few weeks because of our exams at school ;A;

We just got the results back yesterday and took them ho- well most of them anyways ^^;;

I’m satisfied at least this term…


yeah :)

We just started PEA schedule (meaning that we don’t need to go to school unless we have talks or some sort) and I just sorted out my list of ‘to-dos’ this summer… …

and I ain’t smiling.


So right now, I’m back to my own personal ‘closet-fujoshi/pv’ life --- just drawing, living, listening to BLCDs, watching anime, translating and typesetting. etc. Though I just added a ‘painting project’ on to the list which I have to admit ; WHAT THE HELL AM I JUST DOING TO MYSELF??!!! 0.o

There’s gonna be two events this summer…… my friends have been getting excited over it and planning to cosplay and everything… including my partner in crime Virgie who’s letting me borrow her Shana cosplay…

I want to go but I’m still not sure if I really want to cosplay or not. orz  Maybe I’ll just draw a shirt or something…… I really hate it when life just goes in a circle just to tell you once more that you have two layers of fat around your waist and a oversized butt. orz

ANYWAYS~ away from my depression about my body----

There will be an exhibition on the 1st of July (time and place unsettled) exhibiting all artworks from the small Montmartre of Bitola--- Including all 33 artworks from the Hong Kong team :)

Anddd~ me got myself two new dresses for the occasion!! <3

*note to girls who know me : THEY ARE NOT BLACK!!! :DDD*


Lately, I’ve been obsessing with seiyuus~ especially Ono Daisuke and Kamiya Hiroshi…… <3

aka. Shizaya voices, Satouma voices >w<

I’ve been stalking their radio show every sunday night… …

trying to look for all their drama CDs released………………………………………

until I found a BLCD showcasing

Ono Daisuke x Kamiya Hiroshi.



After various tries of downloading from Aarin (my one and only true love for BL) and BLCD and other webbies

I was only able to find the online version on Tudou. TT^ TT

but oh well~ <3




Ono Daisuke makes a good seme~ with his melting gentle voice and all ~ –faints-

Hiroshi… WHY DIDN”T YOU TELL ME YOU WERE SO GOOD AT FAKING??!!!! 0///0 I need tissuee naoooo!!!!

<3 <3


ouch. I still have french tomorrow morning…. TT ^ TT guess I need to crawl to my coffin~

Bai bai  <3


Turn that Gun around

and shoot me.


Hey Livejournal~ I’m back from a 20 hour flight (excluding the transit stop hours) from Macedonia… and I’m going back to school to face a hell of study-ins , a gang murder from my EPA group, the CTs, and disappointment.

Life doesn’t look very nice over here…

before I start ranting about Macedonia and my 7 days in art’s black hole,


NEED TO DO BEFORE JUNE 1st 2011 (not necessarily)

1. make a visual novel (otome vs shonen-ai)

2. Typeset Schooldayz and hurryyyy!!!! <—the one project I need to finish before the end of this month.

3. translate whatever the rest of the team can’t be bothered.

4. talk to Euxhen about summer trip.

5. work hard in art so I can leave for macedonia/albania next year.

6. work hard at school.

7. kill off that 30 pounds and get myself a 25 inch.

8. buy myself a tablet.

9. organize my time table

10. finish draft for shizaya book.

11. paint 3 paintings for mom… ==’’

12. find a script for duologue.


Wish upon that star…

and it might not come true.

there’s only two days left before I leave for Prague. And this will be my last chance to be online for the while :)

Apparently Mom’s not letting me take the nice black and white decorated laptop with me on the trip and thus, no  internet since the tiny shitty white one cannot last 2 hours of internet without heating up so much that it might just explode. but apparently I can still watch all my anime episodes on that one with a portable Hard disk 0.o So, I’m now on a download frenzy :)  ":


-Durarara!!  Episode 12 to 18. the best eps ever :) especially with freaky Haruna, Sonohara and awesome Kida :) including bishie shots of Izaya and my hubby Shizu-chan in both eps 16and 17 :):):) (haven’t watch 18 yet ;A;)

-KHR just episode 184 since I can’t download 185 over there ;A;

-Gakuen Heaven eps 1-13. I need yaoi on the plain XD

-Working!! I LOVE THIS SERIES!!! SATO/ONOD!!!! eps 1-8.

-Arakawa under the bridge eps 4 to 7 since I don’t need so much comedy :)

-Kaichou wa maid sama ep 7. not bothered.

-K-on! season 2 eps 3 to 7. again no need for too much moe

-some random HK TV show……

-two seasons of GLEE!!!!!! <3

- Vampire Diaries??


yea I think that’s about it to finish my day off :)

It’s midnight over here so before I sign off the internet for two weeks;


GOALS  (long and short term XD)

1. bring back the golden palette back from Prague and Macedonia, safetly along with late bday prezzies for Kat, Micks, Sims, J9 and Gayatri and mini souvenirs for Mary and Denise :):)

2. Finish up all UTM work for the season

3. Finish the draft for the Shizaya doujinshi and 1827 doujinshi… (dammit its not R-18 ;A;)

4. Complete a Visual novel before 2012.

5. learn to use Charles Reid’s watercolour techniques

6. Get into HKU for Architecture or if able, into Lapland U for Graphic Design

7. be able to create a full course meal for two :)

8. learn to make at least 3 complicated desserts

9. write a novel

10. finish FRA comics and post it online

11. get a tablet

12. get a webcam and mic :) for SKYPEEEE

13. make money $u$



Night people :) Sweet cookie ‘n’ cream dreams for you all <3




RAWR is me

Yosh :)

PEOPLE have been complaining that all I ever blog about is manga/anime/conventions or that I don’t EVER blog .



I just…don’t always have the time for it XD.

Life’s been okay for me…

no. actually, it’s been great ^^


A month ago, I got this call from my Art tutor saying that I won the golden palette award for the small Momartre of Bitola 2010 in Macedonia and I will be leaving for a 2 week onsite competition… which means I will miss all the pre-exam study-ins. 0A0 but who cares, this is AWESOME >w<

that’s the link to the competition details :)

my name was however, sadly miss spelt along with my age. :’(


So that got covered … :)


the DBS boys came over to school to perform some songs as a show choir… they were good. Seriously they were good… but compared to their ‘traditional’choir songs, I LOVED their german ‘Mary had a little lamb’, I just can’t stop giggling!! >w< its awkward though, Coco reported in her LJ that the form 1s ACTUALLY SCREAMED ‘ I LOVE YOU GERMANY’ <--- there was a german dude there who is not hot… I just like him for the fact that he’s GERMAN >:)

but seriously??? how immature can those kids GET???!! –0- I kind of feel ashamed that we’re wearing the same uniform, thank god I wasn’t there XD

I can’t say much about the Elit Form-based apart from the fact that IT WAS A FAIL IN THE MCs!!!! 0A0 I hope I get a few more marks in the short and long questions, but otherwise, I don’t feel good about ‘I am David’… I don’t like that kid. period.

I kind feel missing in my life at the moment… sure, my hand’s been tirelessly holding onto a paintbrush from 3 to 9 each day but… I’m just not painting what I enjoy. I love the colours on the canvas, but I would rather sit on my sketch table and just sketch Shizaya R-18 for hours. AND I’ve been missing out on practically EVERYTHING people are having these days!! 0A0 ; Kat’s bday party, the yogo hang-out, the ‘boring’perfume/lipstick display in Central with Janette and Trii, trips down to Sino with the otaku gang at school, walks down to Sogo trying to smuggle those doujinshi out of the shop without getting caught being underage with Cass and Rons and Sara and that bunch of scary underage people…… as much as the opportunity comes, I just don’t feel like doing it… it’s killing me, honestly.


Denise… she’s changing. she’s seriously changing…



Denise, please come back, your table needs you .




  GO LUNCH >w< hello Kira/Light :) Why are you so adorable gah~ <3



May 11th

This is my ultra-short post... will be posting a longer update soon as SOME people are complaining that my posts consists too much of my love for Japanese manga and anime. But either way, May 11th is a really special day cause..............

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [info]rawwrrx  AND KATERINA!!!! <3

Yeah, just wanted to say that XD.

RG5 <3

11.4.2010, one of the largest doujinshi event was hosted. >w<

well that was definetely fun~ I went with four friends ; Gladys, Cass and EmPang ^^

Me and Gladys arrived at the building pretty early (10:45) , since she took the car and I lived around 20 minutes from there (MTR). It was totally awkward though, since Gladys’s mom was at the entrance with her… apparently she was pretty interested in Doujinshis too… ==’’ thank god she didn’t stay for long. I might have ran out of air trying to answer all her ‘daughter’s friend-related questions’. Jeez, Chinese families. Cass bought my ticket earlier during the week while I was grounded even though I told her I didn’t need it since I’ll be getting mine on-site with Gladys. She was meeting EmPang at North Point… and was late (didn’t show up until 11:40). So me and Gladys got our tickets and waited in the line, as irresponsible as I can get, I did not know what happened to the extra ticket Cass got. ^^’’

Collapse )



The fun all relied on the cosplayers which Cass and I were running around the place just simply taking photos of them XD EmPang left since she had a 1 o’clock curfew which in my opinion was seriously short… TT ^ TT  I forgot to take pictures of the tables, but there were so many, we kind of lost track of where we were and just walked in circles, even daring to go to the Yuri sections where a lot of naked girls are showcased 0.o  We just went all the way around the hall, over and over again, always ending back at MB’s table. HI MB!! ^^/

but I ended up not getting any Naka books OR MB books 0A0 since Naka wasn’t even there selling, and MB didn’t have her books on showcase, only her postcards, calendars (me got one!!) and Kurot’s new 8059 book (me got one too!!)

COSPLAYERS!!!! P.S. I’m gonna cosplay with Gladys next YEAR once I diet everything off me. *^*
Collapse )Collapse )

At around 2, the trio of a KHR fan, an APH fan and a apparently named the DRRR fan even though she likes every fandom stuffed in her face got hungry and crowded over at Starbucks for lunch, hoping that Hibari would bite them to death.


Collapse )


And THIS is what I got today~


Honestly? Today was the best day out of my whole Easter break, even though my ankles are dead . ^^

Can’t wait for the Next event!! which is in August, I think!!



cocollama  , YOU FINALLY GOT AN LJ!!!! <3 *NOMNOMNOM onoyurhead*

Right I think its been a bit TOO long since I posted and I’m breaking my Hiatus because school just SUCKS. and I can’t get my stress out by drawing so I thought typing might be a good choice lol :)

First of all, lets start off new ANIME and MANGA!! <3  Of course I’m still sticking by with KHR and Death note… yada yada. Hetalia… let’s just say they’re sinking with the lack of new episodes for me to follow up on… and my brain being overflowed with different stuff… I’m just gonna refer back to it when History comes along again. lols :D Don’t get me wrong, I still love the fandom its just… the love isn’t as great as it once was. *looks afar*

So right. Here’s my list:

Anime :

*Durarara!! : Best anime ever in my opinion. Definitely looking forward to the new episodes *cough hoping for more Shizaya feed cough* Man, Shizuo just makes my insides tingle~!!! a smokin’(pun totally intended) hot blonde guy in shades and a bartender outfit?? That just screamed the new definition of the SMEX. Izaya is my favourite too~ Evil pwns the world * u * b

& goal from watching DRRR!! : If I’m ever getting married, marry someone blonde, hot and violent. XD


&GOAL : Try and see if gloves/mittens can really permit flames to come out of them instead of protecting FROM the flames. On the way, see if by wearing rings on each of your finger and thinking hard of a resolve would result with a flame appearing on top of the ring.

*Hetalia : If only the episodes weren’t 5 minutes long. If only it doesn’t only come out once a month… otherwise this is also a long-term fandom. TT ^ TT

&goal: draw doodles/panels of Hetalia for History test answers and see how many marks you get for it.

*Kaichou wa maid-sama: Awaiting for the Anime. Promo. Poster sucked but the PV looked okay…… Just hope that they don’t screw this one up.

&goal: does dressing up as a maid SERIOUSLY attract guys???? 0A0

*K-on: Moe sells. Nuff said.

&goal: learn how to play a guitar, join a coughfakecough band and scream MOE MOE MOE MOE KYUN!! ~<3 everytime you hold the guitar. oh and Glomp someone.



-Durarara!! : Best Manga EVER in mo. see above.

-KHR : see above

-Hetalia : owns the two mangas in Chinese and just kept reading them over and over again when supposed to study for a History test.

-Kaichou wa maid-sama: council president =maid and gets the hottest boy and is amazingly tsundere. nuff said.

-K-on: not bothered for MOE manga. just anime thanks

-Bakuman : its awesome to read mangas about mangakas. Deathnote authors really did a good job with this :) :) :)


yeah think thats about it for the anime/manga list. :D









and here’s something I got off xcandystripper 

and she suggested these for me~ :)



Collapse )













Guess that’s it for now. I’ll blog later. :) Night.

i dont like you

Last day of January and one week before doom.

heyyy I might be leaving Livejournal and the internet world for around two weeks or so because of Chinese New year preparations and this Friday. OMG this Friday… I am totally walking in the path for death. I wasn’t bothered to study for most of my math quizzes and I ACTUALLY FORGOT TO ATTACH THE LAST SHEET TO THE EXAM. FUCK. Mrs. C said that we had two girls who failed in Maths. I’m putting 100 on it that one of them is me. and then another 100000000 on wishing I didn’t fail. This term I am DEFINETELY not gonna slack off. If I ever do, I swear, all you people who hate me (I know you’re on this earth somewhere) you guys can kill me, rip me into pieces and throw me down the hell hole of the earth. my heart is crossed

Soooo, yeah

today was preeeeeeeeeeeeeettty okay… I guess… apart from the minibus incident.

I was on this minibus you see to get to my taekwondo class. So I told him to drop me off at the minibus stop ‘round the corner. He MISSED it, even though it was in PLAIN SIGHT. so I told him to drop me off at the NEXT minibus stop. and he MISSED IT AGAIN. I was like just let me go off the damn bus >:E . and noooooo, he wouldn’t. He just went on about how dangerous it was to get off in the middle of the road. I was getting really pissed off. I was already late and I don’t wanna miss the sparring session. So I was really grateful for the couple sitting next to me. They started shouting at the driver saying that if she wants to get off then let her. 

I was FINALLY able to get off… but I ended up walking around for like 20 minutes until I could get to the Gym.

Next time, I’m just gonna walk from the Trains instead of taking a useless, maniacal minibus. >;E

Back to happy stuff. This year for CNY, Mom finally put me in charge of SOMETHING worthy. for the past two years, all I did was pour out the tea, open the door, talk to the guests, and repeat blessings to the world. This year, since I miraculously succeeded in making 6 batches of self-invented scones and cookies for the christmas party (no simran, I didn’t bring the scones to the party there were only the chocolate decorated cookies there) , Mom decided to let me try out the recipes in the Cookie recipe book she got me last christmas.

I think I’m gonna make 3 batches of vanilla almond cookie, 1 batch (yes one only because the elders hate the sour, the adults are okay and the kids vomit at it.. the only people who likes it are me, mom, aunt, gramps and a few cousins, I think? )Lemon and cream cookie, and 4 batches of vanilla chocolate chips. I know that chocolate chips would be the fastest to go considering the sweet tooth most of my relatives seem to have. 0A0

The drama rehearsals are going fine, I guess. The interclass thing about the colored people still sucked what with the ‘shy’ narrators and my lack of grasp on Brown kid’s angry character… I seem to have gotten approval from my teacher and classmates that my brown kid was pretty good, but I still feel so out of the character… I wasn’t able to do the angry expressions of being offended as well as I could. I have GOT to overcome the eye thing… it freaks myself out a bit too sometimes.

The one with Mrs. Dalton isn’t as bad, I think I covered the motherly figure pretty okay but the crying bit where I lose my son kinda kills me. I mean, I need to cry over a kid who is my unbiological sister, can’t stop smiling during rehearsals and glomp me every single moment she could? 0A0

really, crying intentionally isn’t hard, but crying with the emotion. now that’s  hard. Most of the time when I cry in acting, I start making crying sounds and then the tears come flowing. There were only a few times I have actually been able to cry without a sound just let the tears run. But those times were rare, they were also the times when my mom was there… somehow every time my mom sits during my performance, I was always able to do better… must be the aura. ==

At school, we have this ‘Budding Poets’ competition with the schools in Hong Kong. The organization gives you a bunch of topics to select from and then you have to write a poem on it. I didn’t get chosen. neither did Tiffany get chosen either, when last year we were one of the five selected poems to be sent. Kat was in again this year, we kind of expected that since she got into the semi-finals last year… but I have this feeling that some of the chosen ones this year weren’t worth it. I mean, sure, their composition skills in essays are amazing. but poetry? Honestly? Poetry doesn’t base on the writing skill you possess, but rather the feeling you have, the emotion you are writing about. You don’t describe the damn object. It is the emotion, the message, the communication you wish to give to the reader. If all you do is to just use the poetic devices, then fuck you. You are just heading down the road of the useless air-headed, misunderstanding, IDIOT who thinks that poetry is just another way of writing essays in shorter form. Because it isn’t . They are totally different things, that fit into a different category.

If you feel like you’re the person described above, please I really don’t mean to offend you or anything. I’m just stating the definition of poetry and venting out my anger and confusion about the selection of entrants. Oh and I forgot. I fucking HATE that damn teacher who picked the entrants. He’s an Idiot himself, choosing those based on their english skills and essay writing capability.

I have a public-speaking coming up during Mid-Febuary. I originally had two topics on stand-by but I ended up having to abandon them because they aren’t ‘newsy enough’ but just an opinion poll, F-list, which one sounds better as a public speech to you;


a) The discrimination of  the retarded, deformed and sick in the community


b) The reason for teens to hide the truth.


Please help me.

Love you all :D



P.S. I’m planning on making a doujinshi… not sure if its allowed because of my age and everything…… but I really wanna try something new and make use of what I learned in my past… 12 years? ^^